Podcast 49 - 5 Reasons No One Is Opting In For Your Free Download and How To Fix It

Growing your email list can be SO frustrating

Especially if no one is signing up for your freebie.  This week on the Feed U Podcast I'm sharing with you five big problems I see with landing pages and opt-ins.  Fixing these five things will nearly immediately start growing your email list.

I also recap why it's important . . .

To grow your email list.  I realized I don't talk about this nearly enough.  In the intro of this episode, I share with you all the reasons for having a viable email list will positively impact your business. Click here to listen to the entire episode.  In the meantime, here are the five big problems and some suggested fixes:

1. You are solving a problem. 

You may think you have the BEST opt-in in the world, you poured your heart and soul into it.  However, no one is paying attention to it.  Why? Because they have a problem to solve and they are searching for a solution to that problem.  They don't care how pretty or heartfelt your free download is if it isn't helping them get from point A to point B.  This is where people get stuck. Take your blinders off and really get to know your ideal client. Complete some market research and figure out how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Most importantly, do some detective work and see what your target market is really looking for.  Give them that, even if they need something else.  You can sell them what they need, later.  You can get really specific with this if you start tagging or segmenting your list.  You can find out more about that in Episode 31 here.

2. You haven't promoted your freebie.

If I had a dollar for every free download I had that I never promoted, well you know the story.  But, it is a common mistake that we entrepreneurs make.  We create this remarkable piece of information, system, video training, etc. but then we don't toot our own horn and tell people about it.  I specifically see this with my female entrepreneurial friends.  What is it with that?  We need to get on board with shouting our goodies to the masses.  Just because you put something (anything) on your website, it doesn't mean anyone will see it.  You have to tell them about it.  Be strategic about where you are promoting and say it again and again until you are sick of hearing yourself, then say it again.  A great way to promote is to add share buttons to your landing pages, emails and thank you pages.  I use Monarch plugin from Elegant Themes, but have also had success with SumoMe which is a complete traffic app.

3. You're making it too dang hard.

People are busy, they don't have a lot of time.  If you make it complicated to opt-in to your freebie - they simply won't. As in hasta la vista baby, they are off to find what they need somewhere else.  If you are confusing them with options, same deal.  If you have too many steps to opt-in or ask for too much information, again - they are leaving your site.  Probably running.  Also, if you don't deliver what you say you will deliver, now they feel betrayed and you have a whole other problem.  Last but not least, DO NOT hide your opt-in form.  If people can't find it immediately and I mean right on the tip of their nose easy, they won't go looking for it.  They have better things to do. Lesson learned, make it as easy as possible for them to get on your list.

4. You haven't clearly communicated the process.

So many times we have great plans, plans that include inviting our audience to something that will change their lives.  However, we don't tell them how to go grab that piece of information.  We may use a link that is WAY too complicated for them to find or remember.  We haven't told them the steps to get the GREAT free download you have created.  Or worse, you haven't told them why their life will be better after they download the freebie and put it into action.  <----this is what sells stuff, FYI  People don't buy stuff, they buy solutions.  They won't buy anything if you aren't giving them a solution with your freebie.  Start there, even if the win is small.

5. Your messaging sucks.

I see this being the BIGGEST issue for sponsored ads.  (and this gets expensive) I will see someone promote a post, a freebie, a challenge or whatever and their copy is a nightmare.  It is confusing, it uses industry language, or I absolutely have no idea what they want me to sign up for.  These are all easy fixes.  Use words that a 3rd grader would understand and stay away from industry language. Make it super simple for your audience to understand if they sign up, it will improve their life this way.  Lastly, make it really clear what they need to do to get what you have to offer.  The fewer words, the better.

What did you learn from this episode? 

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