The vibration of gratitude is powerful.

Because it's the day before Thanksgiving (when this is going live) I thought it timely to talk about gratitude.  That one simple word when put into action will propel your business and your life faster than any tip, technique, trick or marketing process out there.  I challenge you to create a gratitude journal and use it every day to recount new things you are grateful for and watch your life and business change.  But, this is more than just well thoughts and wishes.  Which is why I wanted to bring the perspective of science and hermetic teachings to the equation. Because science is definitely involved and is the reason this simple technique works when others do not.

In Episode 64 I dive into science, the Kybalion and all things energy.  Because what holiday would be complete without a little talk about energy?  Give it a listen here.

Here's what I have learned by studying the energy of gratitude for the last year and learning more about energy and vibration. For more details, check out the entire episode here.

Connect to the vibration of abundance.

Ask yourself, are you only grateful when good things happen to you? When you receive payment for a client? When you get a new client? Or are you grateful for all the blessings that come into your life all the time? Things like fresh water to drink, that the sun came up, that snow is watering the earth to make water for you to drink. If it is the former, the likelihood that you are tuned into the frequency of gratitude is slim. 

We are all energy, and as such vibrate at a specific frequency.

99% of our bodies are made of atoms.  Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and some other stuff.  If we are energy, which science says we are, then we can conclude that we are constantly in motion. When studying the Hermetic principle of vibration, we learn that "Nothing rests, everything moves everything vibrates." If we take that a step further and realize we can control our vibration, can we not then also control what we attract and repel? The answer is yes.  This means we have the power at any time to shift our vibration and bring in more of what we want in our lives.

That's great Alisa, but how the heck do I shift my vibration?
It is so simple, but not so easy.  We have to control the only thing we can control, which is our thoughts.  So how does this tie back to gratitude? By focusing on what you are grateful for, you have harnessed the power of abundance. Because you cannot have a thought of lack and a thought of thankful at the same time.  It's impossible.  Try it.  I'll wait. How did it work out?  Was I right?  Mind blown right?  I know I know it works because I don't share things with you that I haven't already tried and tried again.  Which is why I wanted to share this with all of you. This one shift, tiny little shift, will change everything for you.

But what about this literal pain in the neck that I have?

Interestingly enough, that is energy too.  We don't realize that our bodies are very intelligent creatures. When we don't deal with our emotions and we just shove them down inside, they don't go away.  I'll give you a personal example of grief.  I've spent a good chunk of the last 6 years sort of grieving, but not really giving in to it because I was busy taking care of other people.  What do you know? I've had a literal pain in my hip, leg, and side for almost that long. That energy is stuck there and will continue to be there until I fully deal with whatever is going on in my emotional state.  Again, how do I know? Because when I use tools like EFT (see episode #5 with Teri Karjala to learn how to use this yourself) and other energy work like polarity, massage or chiropractic - the pain goes away.  But only temporarily, because I still haven't fully dealt with the emotions.

But how do you change your thoughts?

The simplest answer is through your breath practice.  This includes things like meditation, yoga and frankly just breathing and focusing on that simple act we often take for granted.  It is the one thing we do constantly each day, that keeps us alive, yet we often take it for granted.  Meditation, yoga and focused breathing are all practices, which means, we MUST practice them to get better.  Even if it is 10-15 minutes each day.

A few more tips to get you focused on shifting your energy:

Become aware of your thoughts.  This doesn't mean beat yourself up, just bring awareness to them so that you can shift and change them over time.

Choose carefully what you put into and on your body. Your body is your energy vessel. If you clog it up with unhealthy food, how likely do you think it will be able to vibrate at a higher level? Not likely at all because it will be focused on removing the junk you put into it.

Notice where you focus most of your day and document it. Can you shift that focus even one time a day to gratitude or positivity? Can you walk away from conversations and people that are vibrating at a lower vibration? 

Where can you be just a little bit kinder? When you focus your energy, attention, and action toward kindness and being thankful, you spread that energy to others. Creating more of it. Consequentially, bringing more of it to you. 

Take the energy of this Thanksgiving holiday and bring it forward to every day and watch your life transform.

Lastly, I want to thank each of you for tuning in every week to the podcast and for supporting this little idea I had about sending more love out into the world. It truly is a gift that I get to share the musings in my head with you and that you take away ideas and actions that make your business and your life better.

Wishing you all the best of Thanksgivings, thank you for being a part of my life.

Which tip are you going to focus on for the next year?  

Come share your results on the Facebook Page and let me know how your life is shifting.

Download the entire episode transcript here.

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